Three graduates with high hopes find themselves living the biggest lie. The unfortunte thing is that they were all lying to themselves. Well, you can only lie for so long. When the die is cast, they had no chice but to come clean with one another. Now that they have come clean, what next...419. Slowly, they build an empire...Also see The return of Boys cot
Miss Rose is a corporate maid trainer. Her job is to ensure that maids live up to the standards of her masters. Well, Betty, a happy woman has to learn the hard way that corporate trainers are really corporate. Van Vicker
& Mercy Johnson
The evil that men do...or women do lives after them. This movie speaks of the ill and evil that has visited Africa. Some claim it is borrowed, others say it is just coming to light. Ones sexual orientation is ones business and one should be willing to live with the consequences.
Zack Orji, Monilisa Chinda
When life deals you an unpleasant blow, you are forced to survive. Despite the travails that Cynthia had to endure. Hardwork and determination saw her through. A highly recommended movie...
From one of the best directors of our time, comes this block bursting thriller - starring the best actor of the year- Kanayo O. Kanayo. A compelling story of pride, love and hate. After 11 years in prison, Dreda come out to fight for his father's property. As fate would have it, he falls in love with the daughter of a deadly politician. When you think that it is over...
Placing a bet on a lady just to win her love is only a stupid game for Valentine and his friends. unlike Valerie, romance is unfolding and there's no turning back.
How could your own blood sister be envious of everything you have and love - Including your husband. two sisters, one caring and the other devilish. They say bad things happen to good people for no apparent reason...Who will you trust. This movie is a clasic. Get your copy now. Limited quantity. Omotola Jalade, Nnaji Genevieve, Patience Ozokwo
He is a philanthropist who gives everything to the needy; but he needs a child. his wife of twenty years is incapable of giving him one. He cajoles his secretary ...His secretary is pregnant by him...Oh Gosh, his secretary's boy friend just tested positive for HIV...Life is about to take a dramatic turn...
He has a strong beliefe that nature cheated on him. Consequently, every move he makes is guided by that inate belief. Well, God has a purpose for every creation. Even though his people relegated him to the back every chance they get...His time is coming
He just won a contest that made him the biggest super star in town. Suddenly he is the toast of the babes...He could play them...But he doesn't want to be a player...Is it possible...A must watch
Sammy's dream was to become great and take his mother; a God fearing Christian woman out of poverty. He models himself after a movie character "Tony Montana - Scare-face". Sammy achieves his dream and conquers the world. But he is still the saddest man...This action thriller is a keeper. This is probably the best thriller to ever come out of Ghana. Limited copies left. See Also Crime to Christ part 3
This movie is packed with actors of high repute. I'd leave the write up to you after watching it. Zack Orji or Uche Jombo has never disappointed their fans .