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Nollywood Hustler 3 & 4 , 1.8 out of 5 based on 46 ratings

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Nollywood has become the climax of getting rich by society.  Scammers are on the loose; aiming to scam anyone who is  naive about the movie industry. Two good friends edge to become
movie producers caught them in the moment. They loaned money from a business man to help  bring their mission to reality. An overnight money in their pocket  came as a surprise. Instead of concentrating they decided to spend it their own way; deceiving women in the neighbourhood . Everything has an end..... it was time for them to account for the reason they took the loan. They were able to convinced the loaner as to why the movie is still not ready; how long will it take them to complete the movie, when most of the money has been used for their personal needs? Comedy of the year reloaded with 
all stars.

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